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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is a fox news alert. in only 15 hours the pope heads to capitol hill where will address a joint session of congress. pope francis will stand in the very same spot as benjamin netanyahu stood to it address congress in march. meanwhile some people calling the pope's. what it thinks. plus an incredible lineup tonight. "on the record" taking you inside pope francis historic u.s. visit. adoring fans lining the streets just to catch a glimpse of his holiness. giving first ever mass at american soil and two other firsts at that mass the pope canonized the first hispanic saint and this is a first time a saint has been canonized in america. shannon bream is live in america at the national
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shrine where a short time ago the mass wrapped up. shannon? >> yeah, greta. tens of thousands of people were here today. they waited in security lines. in the hot sunshine to be here to be part of this mass today. it's the third time a pope has visited the basilica. it's the largest catholic church in north america and one of the 10 largest in the world. this were packed in here and every square inch inside and out waiting to hear from him. you mentioned he had the cannonnization. the first time one of those masses has been held celebrated here in the united states. there was beautiful music there were very penetrating words from pope francis. is he often seen as the pope of the people, embracing those who are among the least of these as someone would think in society. he talked about that today saying jesus himself embraced those who were dirty and poor and unkempf and he never expected people to be perfectly groomed and successful before they could hear the gospel or come to christ. so very much a message in live in what we have seen with him on the way he has
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tweeted people and humility. no political overtures here as a part of the: tomorrow is he going to speak on capitol hill. he is going to address lot of folks are wondering whether that will be political in talk about issues that are hot button issues that people are going to care about. traditional family, abortion, climate as you know about 20% of lawmakers on capitol hill identify as catholic. including the top 2 in the house. house speaker john boehner and house minority leader nancy pelosi. and you i know they don't agree together on a whole lot. how feengful pope will come and speak with lawmakers tomorrow. we will be bringing folks coverage of that. pope 1/2 gates interesting issues we are expecting him to talk about. greta? >> you know, shannon,
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looking at all the activities today. it's rather grueling for us in the media covering it it think of this man at the it center of it who has had to be on his game all day long. hasn't had a chance to stop. >> you are absolutely right. it's been very warm, sunny beautiful day. he is in robes. it's been oppressive the heat at times. he just left celebrating mass. is at another stop tonight meeting with seminary students. that makes several today alone. and he you think it's 18 different speeches he is going to give while he is in the u.s. over six days time or so. he is really packing it in. he must have a lot of stamina because that is a packed schedule. it is very unforgiving and you have seen him. he can't resist is. any time there is a minute that he can speak with the public reach out to them, he absolutely is kind of breaking from the schedule, stopping to do that. embracing children. embracing the disabled and really making sure that he is reaching out to people with a very genuine humble love which is what he preaches, greta?
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>> shannon, thank you. >> as part of pope francis' troop trip to america. is he taking time to sit down with american catholic church leader. one bishop believes this visit is about much more than pledges. it's about faith and hope. the archbishop of miami. thomas says traveling from cuba to the united states is symbolic, of building a bridge between the two nations archbishop thomas what do you think of his messages? >> i think the message is, again, embrace the joy of the gospel and that the gospel is a joyful message. so he will be telling us not to be sad christians but to be joyful, and that the way we overcome sadness or despair is by sharing ourselves and sharing the gospel with with others. >> some of the issues he is raising like immigration or
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climate change are issues that some are calling political. are those moral issues and not political or are they political issues? >> anything that touches the human person, anything that has to do with human flourishing is a moral issue. so in as much that climate change touches human beings, it is a moral issue. immigration certain solid a moral issue. in tirnls of his speech tomorrow in front of congress, what do you you expect him to say? >> that's a good question. i don't have any privy to what he might say but i will be there. one of our congressman from south florida gave me a ticket. a much coveted ticket. i think he will be repeating some of the themes we have already heard in his pontificate. his question of encouraging encounter, encounter among peoples. encounter built upon dialogue. a criticism of the culture of disposing of things, this
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culture of ours that would have us dispose of things very easily but also dispose of people. the globalization of indifference as he has called it. >> it seems to me that he is speaking to the american people. he is speaking to the american politicians. he is speaking to catholic americans. i assume he has sort of a message for the catholic clergy here. does he have a particular message for the clergy? >> well, when he met with the bishops this morning at the khalid of saint mathews, i think was very affirming. he gave us really a pep talk. and he began by saying that he wasn't here to scold us or anything like that. but i wanted to acknowledge, first of all, the generosity of the american people and the american general were church. generosity expressed in many ways. one way that he mentioned is the way that we have received immigrants and helped them to adjust to this country. he said that churches,
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perishes around the country, they are the ones that do the most in receiving immigrants and making them is he a different pope than pope benedict or pope john paul ii? how do you feel the transition from the last two popes? >> well, each one has their own personality. pope john paul ii, of course, was a great beings that vert. he had the ability to speak with great drama,s specially in his younger years before was incapacitated with parkison's disease. he had the timing of an actor. pope benedict was a bit much more of an introvert. pope francis also has hesitate own personality. but each one is basically presenting the g.o.p. in all its richness and as said yesterday on the plane coming from cuba to the united states that what he has been saying is in full
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conformity with the body of catholic social teaching he has not deviated from what his predecessors have also taught. in other words, is as lathth catholic as benedict and as john paul ii. >> archbishop, thank you, sir, for joining us. >> thank you. >> and tomorrow is a big day for pope francis addressing a joint session of congress, but, today, likewise, a very busy day. >> [cheers and applause] father, on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house.
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>> mr. president, once again, i thank you for your welcome. and i look forward to these days in your country. god bless america. [ applause ]
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>> let us go forth to offer everyone the life of jesus christ. >> well, for journalists across the world covering a papal visit is like winning the lottery. thousands via for a chance to thrafl with the pope. she is flying with him on his plane. courtney, she joins us, what don't we get to see from the house? why what don't we know that you have gotten to see and know in the last few days? >> well, it's a -- on the plane, it's interesting. divided between the front and the back. and in the front, of course, have you pope francis and the staff and in the back 76 journalists. only 150 fly and we were the fortunate ones. sometimes after the flight gets off they let us go in the middle section. the journalists get in the middle section and sometimes we get to glimpse up ahead had. one thing we notice that he doesn't wear his cap when is
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on the plane. other big difference according to veterans, i actually was on a flight in 2006 with pope benedict. i don't remember any of this. apparently before the pope would always use the bathroom and all the rest of his staff would go back it was a way that you would have of meeting people, meeting the staff and finding out what was going on. now this pope says i don't need a bathroom all to myself. i will share it. and so would don't get kind of that interaction. but one of those differences. >> i suppose there was a huge gesture to the american people that when he is at the white house spoke in english. that's not his first language it was that sort of a nod to the american people? it certainly was. i was really impressed. i know it's a real struggle for him. and he is -- we asked him. the other great thing obviously about being on a plane is that he comes back and he talks to us. and really talks to us. when i flew with benedict. he would come back and meet us and he was he very charming. and we would have like
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questions that would have to be vetted. but now we basically can do what we want and ask what we want. and he has been very do you understand of open. especially in the early trips. he has gotten coached and a bit more cagey and learning how to be be say things without really saying things and not really answer questions. but, i think he is definitely become more media savvy in this sense. i thought his english was excellent compared to other things we have heard. are asked you can you answer in english. >> he said oh, please, no. english is not my language but i thought he did a great job. >> indeed he did. courtney, thank you. is the pope getting political and should he? tomorrow he is addressing a joint session of congress already spurring outrage among some. putting a giant spotlight on immigration and climate change. are they political ones or moral ones? author of the new book the tweetable pope "national reporter for the "boston
4:13 pm
globe" publication covering all things catholic joins us. nice to he so you, sir. >> nice to be here. >> the title of the book, why? >> because this is a pop who speaks in sound bites ready made for twitter so he is a tweetable pope. >> he spoke about climate change today and immigration at the white house president obama. which are topics that president obama would i would assume agree with with. tomorrow he goes to capitol hill. are we going to hear thing about abortion or even the planned parenthood controversy here in the united states or gay marriage or topics that might be more controversial at least to the obama administration? >> i think it's unlikely we will hear explicit references to these things. he will talk about a throw away culture. he elf talk about the united states and how we use those resources. he will way in and probably give a shout out to families and taking care of the elderly and disaneld. he hasn't shown much of an appetite to weigh in on these explicitly. i don't think he would will hear about that tomorrow.
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>> when he talks about income inequality, is he talking about capitalism versus communism or is he talking about helping the poor and giving someone a fishing pole to help fish or what is he talking about? >> for him sees capitalism as a tool. way to structure economic system and make sure thaftd excesses are not harming will the bool. he said look, there is some winners and some losers. let's make the losers are not looking so badly. he will goal into that i think. it went be a scold a dismissal of u.s. capitalism. >> how do you think he is received by american catholics? i realize he just got here. it's a rather diverse group. the elderly, middle age and young catholics? >> yeah. he seems to be popular among all demographics. there is popularity dips if he speaks about cliewment change. people seem to responds well to this pope. and they want to be with hum and hear what he has to say. i think it will be a successful trip, a few days
4:15 pm
left and he will continue to be well received. >> what do you think he wants to achieve? >> i think he is a pastor at heart. and while he is, you know, giving these high profile speeches to congress and the u.n. i think he really wants to be from with the people and hear from the people. smaller moments when he is visiting catholic charities and a prison in philadelphia, i think that's what he wants to hear from every day americans. >> well, that seems to me more of sort of the jesuit in him. he is a first jesuit pope. very jesuit of him. >> yeah. it's who he is. you know, he cardinal he much preferred to be with the people in periphery than he did in taking advantage of the trappings in that office. he wants to weighed wade out to the crowd brought a girl over to the pope mobile so he could blesser had. much more people being with the people than the spotlight. >> the vehicle is not safe. the sides are all open. shaking our heads thinking
4:16 pm
he does want to be with the people. >> it's a little too scripted for this pope. >> of course, every pope is different. over the course of history each has led the cath luck curve in a different way. a top ranking vatican official next. also, just. in new g.o.p. poll numbers. who is in first place now and who has had an unfortunate plummet in numbers. find out coming up.
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this is a fox news alert. just a short time ago pope franciscan nonized the first hispanic saint and a first to be canonized here in the united states. pope francis has often been
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described as the people's pope. many people catholic and otherwise have praised the pope as being different from predecessors. how different is he? the greg burke the vatican correct rat of secretary goes "on the record." >> how do you compare pope francis is pro two medicine says sores. >> i started covering pope john ii in 1992. "time" magazine made john paul ii man of the year a few years lawsuit in 19 is 95. he was certainly out of the box as well with. i remember traveling to the philippines with john paul, him wading into the crowds, driving security crazy. similar to francis in that way. obviously benedict, a little bit different. i started working in the vatican under benedict but i covered him a long time as cardinal. much more reserved as a figure, and, yet, revolutionary. revolutionary in the fact that he set this revolution in motion by resigning, no doubt about that and a
4:21 pm
couple other things about benedict. his first encyclical message we have heard a lot from pope francis, god is love. also, pope benedict was known as the green pope. now, having said all of that pope francis is certainly broken the mold anew. >> pope francis jesuit. first jesuit pope. what do you take away from that. for many catholic notice united states, i mean, around the world, that's what the huge big deal. >> well, it's a monstrous deal as the first jesuit. the jesuits were often on the front lines in the course of the church histories and great defenders of the faith basically great missionaries as well. pope francis essentially wanted to go to japan. he became a jesuit hoping he could become a missionary. his health didn't allow him to do that it was great training. rigorous training on the jesuits. many of us have studied on
4:22 pm
jesuits. admire that rigor. that's part of it. he is a very free man. the jesuits are very big on discernment. praying a lot and then acting. and he obviously does that. >> there is some criticism from some that he is political. let me take the issue of immigration for instance. does he raise immigration as quote a political issue or is it a morality issue? i mean, i'm sort of struggling with myself as i decide is he political or deeply held moral issues from which you look at it that way? >> greta, i think it's a moral issue, which obviously has political implications. but, in the end, you know, read the gospel and it's feed the hungry and clothe the naked, right? essentially, it is the pope taking the gospel into action, people who are starving, people who are suffering persecution. giving them a hand. it has political implications. there is no doubt about it. but, essentially, it is a moral issue.
4:23 pm
>> is he a simple man? i mean, i see he is not living in a vatican apartment. and i say that in a respectful way. >> no, and i answer in a respectful way saying, yes. i think essentially very, very simple before simple became cool. sort of getting, you know, in everybody made a big deal about the fiat here. in rome it's a ford focus which is even a much more modest car. a fiat is sort of a cool car to tell you the truth. the small fiat is sort of what cool young rush kids run around in. but, a ford focus, nobody is going to say that's a cool car. >> greg, indeed. greg, thank you. always nice to so you. it's been a long time. >> thanks, greta. >> catholics across the country are celebrating pope francis historic visit. rick santorum ask a devout catholic who attends latin mass several times a week. rick santorum goes "on the record." nice to he so you, senator. >> thank you, nice to be here. >> let me ask you the political question.
4:24 pm
income equality is that something he should talk about. >> absolutely. helping the poor. preferential option for the poor. which is something that is basic catholic doctrinal. any time we look at policies we have to look at how does it impact the poor? how does it impact those who are struggling? i talk a lot about workers in america and how they have been left behind of the pope is really focused on that. i think that's a have appropriate thing to do. he is putting a moral layer on top of everything we do here that we have to look at the moral consequences. we have look who are disadvantaged by our policies and it's a goofed thing to do. >> wife do some people criticize the pope as being political? >> he is engaged in a lot of issues that are sort of unusual for a pope. income inequality. >> that isn't. that doesn't seem unusual to me. >> no, not at all. >> if he is talking about, all these issues, either call them political or moral. >> yeah. i don't think they are political issues at all. even when he talks about the environment. there is very clear teaching about being good stewards of
4:25 pm
god's creation. and he is emphasizing that. he sees a concern of that. is he out there talking about i don't think that's what people are emphasizing from the talk he gave to the president not to the president or at house. he ties all of these things, life, family and environ many. into a whole as he sees them. i don't see them as dust ticket political issues. if you read them that way, you are not getting his point. >> live pictures outside which the pope is standing right across from the vice president's house. >> he has lots of crowds and people showing up there tomorrow, behind the scenes, is there any sort of grumbling on capitol hill. >> i haven't been up -- i have been in iowa for the last five days. i don't know what's going on up on capitol hill. >> i hear there is a caucus up there. >> that's what i have heard.
4:26 pm
i think there probably is some concern. i could be wrong about this. i think there might be some concern about how congress reacts to his speech. >> like? >> well, you know, one side cheering after he says something. another side cheering after he says something. i think that would not reflect well. >> how about if he says something about abortion. >> you might see republicannings stand up and the other not. and if he says something about climate, the other side stands up. >> which puts some democrats in a tough spot owho have supported -- if the pope says something against it and democrats and supported it. that's always been a controversy. >> my concern is not pope francis. he is can go out and say what he wants to say. i'm concerned about how the congress is going to actually reflect itself. i think they need to be respectful and not i'm sure pope francis doesn't want that. i don't think that's in the best for the congress to do that need to be very respectful for him and not turn it into anything else
4:27 pm
other than that. >> i had hoped that they would show a lot of respect for prime minister netanyahu and even if he disagreed with him and i saw a lot of disrespect because i was in the chamber when that happened. >> my concern is the pope is going to do an amazing job. i just hope congress behaves himself. >> you don't have to agree brand new fox news poll second time since the g.o.p. debate released who is flying and who is crashing. that's next. w e n. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of these feet...e pain, ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica.
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this is a fox news alert. we are awaiting the arrival of the president back in washington, d.c. crowds are gathering to beat pope francis after i conducted first ever mass on american soil and of course we will keep modeling. this -- following this. >> the g.o.p. field just out. the first post debate fox polls. here are the numbers. 26% of g.o.p. voters favored donald trump. he is up 1% from last month. in second place, dr. ben carson with 18%. his numbers are up 6 points. carly fiorina and florida senator marco rubio are both in third place with 9% each. the "on the record" political panel is here from the "weekly standard" john mccormick and washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york. still donald trump donald trumps everybody. >> despite that he is still mean to us here at fox news. >> you are on husband list. >> it's good news for
4:32 pm
carson, fiorina and rubio. i do think it's good news for trump. because there has been a lot of talk in the chattering classes about trump perhaps slumping after the debate. he gave a lackluster performance at the cnn debate. a lot of talk trump peeked on his way down. this poll and people have had a week to talk about it. this poll shows that he has maintained his strength. actually ticked up just one point. so i you think it's probably very solid news for donald trump. >> i don't know, put byron york on the trump list, lackluster used that word against him he did say he was good. >> i will go about w. incoherent. >> now john mccormick will be off the list. >> the argument that he held steady that could be a good sign. >> didn't hold stud yes went up. >> one point. he basically held steady. >> that's the right direction. people have been asking does trump have a ceiling? he actually ended up jumping up after the first debate.
4:33 pm
the fact that fiorina and rubio two candidates that i think have improved and also candidates that can ignite the republican party that it wouldn't have a meltdown. someone like donald trump as a big outsider or even an establishment figure like jeb bush the party is going to go in meltdown. best sign for this poll is rubio and fiorina. >> three outsiders are the three leaders. and carson went up six points. >> six points. that's really big, you know, when he went up after the fox news poll on august 6th, a lot of the political types didn't really understand it. they, perhaps, didn't get the way he connected with audiences. especially with his closing statement and a statement about racism. and here again, he is jumping up after this cnn poll. so, very good news for him and we should mention that if this poll is correct. jeb bush is in the middle of the pack now. is he down at 7%. >> all right. look at this video. it looks like the pope is arriving. this is right across from the vice president's house
4:34 pm
and look at the crowds there. [cheers and applause] >> listen to them. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> there he goes, to meet the people.
4:35 pm
[chanting] [cheers and applause] [chanting] >> stop moving, stop moving. >> there is the pope.
4:36 pm
certainly showing off his jesuit blood. reaching out to the people. and if you know anything about the different orders in the catholic church, it's no surprise that he goes over. very little security. stunning how much access the people have to him he has had a very long day today. crowd pleaser talking to them. as we watched, would he saw today pope enfrancis diving into the world of politics. taking on moral issues today at the white house. alongside president obama and 111,000 guests on the white house lawn. the pope took on climate change and the pope's historic visit coinciding with brand new fox polls. 68 persons of american catholics have a favorable view of the pope. it's not just them. all americans do. in fact, a% of american voters see him favorably. the "on the record" political panel is back. job, should held out to iowa. >> i don't know how well he would do.
4:37 pm
he might do better in republican primary. he thought it was -- he was encouraged about the specific nervive that president obama had on climate change. he did actually make remarks about things about religious liberty and a little subtle in referenceing aimed at obamacare's mandate requiring little sisters of the poll to provide things like contraception and abortion drugs things that they have vehemently fought. he also made references to life and institution of the marriage and family which is at a critical moment. that's clear gay marriage you wouldn't think that any liberals would be willing to talk to someone who even thinks that thought. there you have francis who goes up there and says something like that. he is still respected. >> but he spoke the most, i think, about climate change and president had had to be really, really happy. he essentially had the pope standing next to him had endorsing his actions on climate change. do i think what senator santorum said in the previous segment was very interesting about the
4:38 pm
address to congress. because, members of congress sit in the chamber. republicans over here and democrats over there and if they are demonstrative, you could have the pope saying something about income inequality, something about climate change. all the democrats stand up and cheer. you know recollected you could have the pope saying something about the sanctity of life and have all the republicans stand up and cheer and that would put the pope' in a partisan situation that i'm not sure that any catholic leaders would be very happy seeing him do. >> somehow i think the pope can take it though. new treble tonight for secretary of state hillary clinton. new information about herer emails. information she won't exactly like. that's next. says three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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back on the streets. released from gitmo and headed back to sawed arabia part of rehabilitation program for militants. trained by al qaeda and believed to be part of an aborted terror plan on 9/11. continues to push gitmo, a promise president obama made back in 2007. >> and uh-oh. oh brother. more email problems for secretary clinton. uncovered more personal and work emails on the secretary's private she deleted them but didn't delete them for good. brand new fox poll 58% believe she is lying how her emails were handled. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. this doesn't sound good. >> an intelligence contact at fox told us that there is a high degree of confidence the fbi is recovering emails from the server because, after the deletion, what was left on the server is what they call ghosts and shadows
4:44 pm
which is like the remnants of the emauls. so, investigators can pull from that either a complete or partial message. and bloomberg was first to get this story today. and each had to further detail that we have yet to confirm is that investigators are now sorting through sort of the business pile and the personal pile. and having a business pile really kind of undercuts mrs. clinton's claim that there was nothing related to her work at the state department. >> i mean, let's say the fbi recovers all of them, some of them. who gets these? who are they going to be turned over to? >> the fbi has control of the server and the thumb drives which was the backup. the question is whether these documents will then be available to multi-presidential groups who have been suing under the freedom of information act specifically judicial watch and then also the benghazi select committee. we were able to confirm today that in the newly released emails to the state department, there are new documents about the talking points which blamed the video for the terrorist attack and it's not clear to us that's made it over to
4:45 pm
the select committee. the bottom line, based on our reporting is that emails are being recovered and this is going to test mrs. clinton's claim that nothing business related was deleted. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> during a trip to america, the pope has weighed in on some hot button political topics. should the pope could that? will that raise the popularity among americans or that's next.t fi is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and e-trade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. call or click to open your fidelity account today.
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g.o.p. presidential candidate storming south korea, -- south carolina palmetto state. south carolina senator tim scott is hosting town halls of 2016 g.o.p. candidates. first speaker current frontrunner donald trump. >> if we get attacked, japan doesn't have to do anything. if japan gets attack weed he
4:50 pm
have to go and fight with them. all our agreements are like that. we are are run by people that have no clue. think of it, if we get attacked japan can sit there and watch it on television. [ laughter ] >> that they make, by the way. we don't make them. [ laughter ] but if japan gets attacked we have tofned did them. all our deals are like that. >> but of course trump is not alone. fiorina and rand paul are in south carolina today. we spoke to senator tim scott just moments before he took the stage. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> hey, greta. how are you doing today? >> i'm doing very well. you got a big south carolina town hall. going to do it with all the candidate. tell me, what the most important issue, do you think, to g.o.p. voters in south carolina? if you had had to focus on one issue, what is it? >> i think there is no doubt that it would be difficult to get it down to one with issue. right now it's probably jobs and the economy without any question. perhaps one of the more jugular issue has been the iranian deal or the failure
4:51 pm
to get a vote in the united states senate on the iranian deal there is immense. see outside candidates looking at leading this country. >> how does the g.o.p. get the african-american vote in south carolina? what is the african-american vote? what are are the voters waiting for? >> i think education and economic development are two very important issues that resonate very well with african-american voters. no doubt that even today donald trump made a trip down to charleston, south carolina, in order to meet with african-american business owners and leaders. there this is a very important opportunity for republican candidates to take the time to sit down and have a serious conversation with the business community, specifically minority community, here is an opportunity for them to engage with folks who should have a very consistent and ordinary approach to life but a very strong disposition towards public
4:52 pm
and private opportunities, public opportunities with the government and private opportunities to grow their businesses. >> your other u.s. senator. senator lindsey graham is running for president. south carolina is the third stop. it's of course, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. why is it so to speak he is killing it in south carolina in the polls? >> i think senator graham spent a lot of time in the first two states looking for an opportunity to gain traction in those two states. i believe the closer we get to the primary in february the more time he will spend here at home. i think his numbers will continue to rise. this is a very competitive field, however, there is no doubt with candidates left. the fact of the matter is that each candidate will have to work their best and their hardest, especially here in south carolina where we have consistently chosen the republican nominee since 1980. save one time. >> senator, nice to see you, and i know these town halls that you are holding are
4:53 pm
very important to the voters of south carolina and the rest of us, of course, are watching as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and if you want to see the rest of my would you have with senator tim scott head over to a brand new greta talk podcast just released. i sit down with newt gingrich who is a catholic convert and personal story to share. download the newest episode to phone using itunes, tune in or stitcher, it's free. who is sticking his head in the sand? find out my off-the-record next. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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4:58 pm
management say a patti ann browne 6 until fingerprints have been stolen in a cyber attack. big jump from what opm admitted three months ago when they said only 1 million had been compromised go figure that one, right? it ain't over until it's over. the baseball world is mourning the death of hall of fame catcher yogi berra. 19 years as a player. three time mvp. winning astounding world series championships. both as a player and manager. quog guy bare was 90 years old. let's all go off-the-record. the "new york times" reporting our afghan military hall lies not our enemies about our allies are routinely abusing young afghan boys but a one time deal but a routine called boy play. the father of lance corporal gregly buckley jr. says his son told him about a disturbing discovery and his fellow marines made in the barak of afghan police
4:59 pm
commanders. >> the little boys, you know, ages from 8 to 13, 14, were underneath the covers think rp cries, they weren't happy being abused by four other older men. told superiors, another soldier and marine to back out of the barracks and leave them alone. >> mr. buckley says his son was told by u.s. military superiors to ignore the abuse he saw. pentagon denies having a policy that direct any military members of her military to ignore human rights abuses. there might be official policy nod and wink to look the other way because allies committing this abuse that's just as bad. our military leaders should speak out about human rights violations, especially when committed by our alloys. stick hands in the sand is not moral courage and sends a terrible message to our young troops and to the world. that's my off-the-record
5:00 pm
comment tonight. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page and like it. there is a lot going on on the pain page and of course go to gretawire. o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> mr. president, fellow citizens, american catholics are committed to building a society which is truly tolerant. >> you remind us that the lord's most powerful message is mercy. >> pope francis and president obama speaking out to help the helpless. tonight, talking points will address the issue of protecting innocent human beings from harm. >> but he is doing it with with compassion. he is doing it with compassion. >> the 10 commandments are the 10 commandments. >> whoopi goldberg saying abortion is not condemned by scripture.


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